Hoover Fire Station Portfolio

Hoover Fire Station No. 2 at The Preserve

A civic building should represent the pride of the people it serves, and Hoover Fire Station No. 2 does just that. The acting city administration desired to leave an enduring legacy of quality and responsible civic work as a mark of their tenure. Like the great fire stations of old, Hoover No. 2 is situated at the entrance of the Preserve, a neo-traditional neighborhood that was created to exemplify the turn of the century principles. The front of the building prominently addresses the busy collector street and allows the daily activity associated with the truck bay and pad area to interact with the neighborhood entry street. The building maintains a utilitarian and durable interior finish, allowing the city to dedicate its efforts to the exterior materials of precast limestone colored concrete and details of mixed-matrix red masonry.

2010 AIA Birmingham Honor Award - Institutional

Firestation 1
Firestation 2