On a truly amazing site atop a mesa in Moab, Utah - a community was envisioned called CloudRock, the anchor of which would be a flagship hotel and spa. After a design competition between a nationwide array of architects, this design was selected to pursue construction.

The program for the "Lodge at Cloudrock" comprised 12 living units, rooftop terrace with individual pools, and a community pool, covered garage parking, a bar and a covered outdoor lounge (Canyon room).The look and feel of the lodge is intended to bridge together a western palate of materials with modern, simple forms and detailing. A transitional style emerged- appropriate for a development intended to draw patrons from all over the world. The site sits at the edge of the mesa and drops precipitously down into the canyon to the Red River, and possesses amazing views of Arches National Park to the east and the La Sal mountains to the west. 22,000 square feet of conditioned and another 15,000 feet of outdoor spaces and 10,000 feet of private garages. The overall design is rugged and sophisticated exterior and simple layout of interior spaces. Living units don't touch on the sides for privacy and allow breezes to cool the outdoor corridors, shaded by large operable shutters along the exterior fa├žade.

A respite to the arid, sun-baked environment, water was used as way finding elements, providing sound and create a zen-like atmosphere. The massing mimics slightly the gigantic rock formations and brooding copper roofs create the most shade possible. Heavy timber forms reminiscent of old western cabins sit atop board formed concrete walls which may appear to have eroded away the stone veneer creating a sense of age and time.