Cahaba River Residence

This river house sits over the little Cahaba River with amazing views and privacy. It is remarkably quiet, serene and peaceful. It sits on a large tract of land so far away that we had to go through a pretty intense investigation to decide to stay off the grid or to bring power to it. By the time you get to this place, you are so unplugged that it is amazing. We used materials that came straight from the land when possible. The stone is from a neighboring piece of property and much of the wood was milled and dried from trees on site. The tree bark siding comes from a little further out but it adds the perfect touch. We did not want the house to have to be painted or maintained. The tree bark siding allowed us to achieve this while making the house look as if it fits right into the woods. The house also includes a real cedar plank roof which is a first for us. The project house is the perfect example of a client with a vision who pushed us to try things we have never done before. 

Located southwest of Birmingham, Alabama on the way to Tuscaloosa, the Cahaba River Residence is a two-story cottage nestled on the bank of the Cahaba River with 2157 sf of conditioned space and 438 sf of porches.  As one approaches the cottage, you are welcomed onto a covered porch supported by heavy timber brackets.  This point of entry humbly exhibits the palette of vernacular materials as they converge together in the most delightful way.  A heavy base of local stone supports a simple wood structure clothed in tree bark shingles and a hipped cedar plank roof.  Inside, private spaces have small windows to let natural light in while the gathering spaces open up to large expanses of glass to capture views of the scenic river and natural beauty of the heavily wooded site.

2017 Palladio Award Winner - New Residential Design & Construction, less than 5,000 sq.ft.