Nequette Sketch

Our Work

Scale, place, history and authenticity weave a fabric of place that results in community – the unifying thread in all our work. These categories of community are not meant to be mutually exclusive; in fact, most Nequette projects fall within more than one. Each demands innovation, ingenuity, exploration and connection to craft that result when each member of the Nequette team draws on their respective skill sets, perspectives, and personal histories.

Nequette Process


Commercial buildings provide the fabric of community centers which need to be flexible spaces for business and community activities both indoors and out.  These are the most urban building types in our portfolio and provide the backdrop for public gathering spaces in existing town centers and new community developments.  Our civic buildings and follies act as landmarks to identify the center of the community and special places along with their associated gathering spaces, civic services and amenities.


Mixed-use buildings mix commercial uses at the street level with residential spaces above or adjacent.  Together with urban buildings dedicated to multi-family dwelling units and student housing villages, these building types bring the critical element of people into community centers.  These projects contribute to urbanism and the “walkability” of communities more so than any other type in our portfolio.


Projects that require multiple building types, including commercial, civic and single-family houses are designed as traditional neighborhoods to promote walkability and a sense of community.  Our master planning work has been executed at different scales, from small hillside villages of urban dwellings to larger residential developments with market-rate housing and their associated amenities.


Community projects consisting of secondary homes in picturesque locations allow us to escape the doldrums of our everyday environments and retreat to places that inspire and rejuvenate.  These retreat communities, both custom and builder-led projects…….by the sea, on the lake, along the river, or nestled up in the mountains…….are made up of our most beloved expressions of architecture and urbanism.  Lake houses, beach cottages and urban dwellings assembled in idyllic resort villages with all the basic commercial services, entertainment and amenities, enrich our souls and provide our fondest family memories as we engage our natural environment.


Prominent custom residences, villas and cottages in established communities, often of historic significance, make up a large portion of our portfolio.  These houses often give birth to our most interesting designs as they meet the requirements of historic district guidelines, limited lot sizes, and a variety of architectural languages in the immediate context that influence the design.  These houses are primary residences of a timeless, durable and authentic quality that become legacy projects for the families involved.


Private clients with expansive property in the countryside or coveted waterfront lots give us the unique opportunity to design our most enchanting work:  farmhouses, compounds, estates and retreats inspired by the most romantic places around the world.  These projects, typically more substantial and complex, address challenges of remote location, energy self-sufficiency, rugged topography and extreme climate.