Our Team


Nequette Architecture & Design is built on a foundation of diverse talent with complementary skill sets and services. We have ARCHITECTS, some inclined more toward design, others toward management and technical excellence; INTERIOR DESIGNERS, skilled at everything from high-end residential design, detailing and product knowledge to commercial interiors to furnishings; and BRAND DESIGNERS, proficient in creating both interior environmental branding packages, as well as interior and exterior way-finding and specialty signage packages.


Our culture is rooted in a passion for design excellence, the pursuit of smart business practices and the desire to serve our clients beyond their expectations. We work hard and we create results. We believe in work-life balance - because while our buildings may one day be torn down, family is forever and must be nurtured and tended to daily. Both at work and at home, every day counts. We are dedicated to nurturing relationships.


Every company carries its values from the top down. If the people who own or run the company believe and behave according to a set of values, those values will most likely be modeled and rewarded among the staff.

Honesty, Humility and the pursuit of Beauty is what we value. Every member of the Nequette team has many strengths - and a few weaknesses too. Adhering to our values, we cohesively contribute our varied strengths and expertise to create a team with incredible power and ability.  Acknowledging our weaknesses allows us to seek knowledge and improvement. Our professional goal is continuity and growth - because there is always the "next chapter".


Nequette Architecture & Design started in 1999 as Dungan Nequette Architects. Dungan Nequette operated for 16 years, beginning as Jeff Dungan and Louis Nequette struggled to find that "top-down" design firm that would support their desires to create beautiful timeless buildings. So with a few opportunities at hand, they struck out on their own. The firm quickly grew, working diverse project types and locals- work in the blossoming Florida panhandle introduced Jeff and Louis to the TND community of developers and design professionals. The TND purpose and design approach resonated with them, and while the project opportunities rapidly grew beyond the bounds of the TND community, the community-focused ideals and design approach remained the underpinning of the firms' design language.

Over time, Jeff's passion for inspiring and unique personal design led him to focus more toward custom residential. While Louis, whose background included large complex commercial projects, enjoyed the diversity offered in the full spectrum of residential and mixed-use project types. In 2007, two studios were formed to allow each principal to build a team around their interests.

Louis Nequette and his team found reward in both the custom work, which allowed for a very personal and often higher budget design solution, as well as the multi family and mixed use work, which required the leveraging and restraint of design solutions to create buildings and places of beauty at lower budgets. Louis' team learned that the magic occurs when you lend the knowledge, ideas and tricks from one arena to the other. And the reward of watching a whole community of well-planned and designed market-rate homeowners thrive is equally satisfying to seeing one family's pride in their new legacy residence.

After enduring a long market recession from 2008-12, the firm began to grow again. This growth precipitated the slow transition of Jeff and Louis' studios into their own firms.


NEQUETTE ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN is seeking talented architects & designers to join our team in Birmingham Alabama. We are looking for individuals who possess a passion for design excellence and the pursuit of beauty, as well embody our firm values of honesty and humility. Our work seeks to create beautiful, thriving places through the design of essential building types that make up a community – Collaborative Community Design. Applicants should share a passion for this type of design and working with talented designers to create beautiful timeless communities.

Please visit the WE ARE HIRING! link under Recent News & Press or click HERE for details on the positions available.