Our Team

Nequette Architecture & Design is built on a foundation of diverse talent with complementary skill sets and services. We have ARCHITECTS, some inclined more toward design, others toward management and technical excellence; INTERIOR DESIGNERS, skilled at everything from high-end residential design, detailing and product knowledge to commercial interiors to furnishings; and BRAND DESIGNERS, proficient in creating both interior environmental branding packages, as well as interior and exterior way-finding and specialty signage packages.


Our culture is rooted in a passion for design excellence, the pursuit of smart business practices and the desire to serve our clients beyond their expectations. We work hard and we create results. We believe in work-life balance - because while our buildings may one day be torn down, family is forever and must be nurtured and tended to daily. Both at work and at home, every day counts. We are dedicated to nurturing relationships.


Every company carries its values from the top down. If the people who own or run the company believe and behave according to a set of values, those values will most likely be modeled and rewarded among the staff.

Honesty, Humility and the pursuit of Beauty is what we value. Every member of the Nequette team has many strengths - and a few weaknesses too. Adhering to our values, we cohesively contribute our varied strengths and expertise to create a team with incredible power and ability.  Acknowledging our weaknesses allows us to seek knowledge and improvement. Our professional goal is continuity and growth - because there is always the "next chapter".