Our Approach

Our Approach

“We Design to inspire others to live great lives – We Design to encourage the building of relationships and communities.”

At Nequette Architecture & Design, we approach our work using three simple guiding principles…

We are design-oriented and will always pursue inspiring solutions in an effort to make our buildings and communities a richer place to inhabit. We embrace challenges that arise with complex projects and thrive in finding solutions, utilizing the talents of the entire team of architects, consultants and contractors, to make the project successful for all parties involved. We are approachable and serve our clients in a way that we’d want to be served ourselves.


We have assembled a team with diverse talents and skill sets to achieve the fundamental goal of architecture and place-making:  ”firmness, commodity and delight”(Vitruvius – “Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas”) We believe that these three principles must be a simultaneous pursuit and that we have the unique skill-sets to achieve this synergy which sets us apart in our industry.  

Pattern, Light, Texture, Patina – these and many more sensory layers evoke intense emotion. It’s the harnessing, positioning and unfolding of these layers that creates powerful design.


We can easily re-live our experiences in nature. A sunrise walk along a smooth beach, an energetic hike on a stony ridge, a quiet stroll in the soft lush woods – these rich memories touch our emotions and last as we age. They are genuine and timeless.

If we hope to succeed at creating similarly valued memories in the built environment, the places in which we live should strive to equally endure – to survive the trends of time.  This is the essence of timeless design.  It’s the opposite of trendy design, which often memorializes a moment in time.

They should be made of honest earthly materials that connect us back to nature. Natural materials age gracefully and are ultimately the most sustainable. They should consider and respect the lessons offered by their neighboring historical structures. They should be a reflection of the culture in which they reside. They should be familiar, flexible and timeless so they may be mentally owned and physically adaptedBeautiful inspiring timeless design is passed down – a legacy for those that follow to adapt and re-use. Timeless design is not a style – it’s a design language, a filter used to make every design decision.